“Konsilo” emerged as a company name in 2001. The word is derived from Esperanto and means “advice”. Giving advice in a connecting language has been the essence from the very beginning. In 2007 Konsilo was converted to a “company with limited liability” (bvba). 

Myriam Van der Steen MSc and Pascal Meyns are the two owners and the moving force behind Konsilo bvba. Together they form a complementary team, sharing the same vision.

Over the years they have faced a great deal of challenges.



 “We are a threat to no one
and an opportunity to everyone.”
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Konsilo provides sustainable support to those who wish to make progress in terms of welfare at work, quality and the environment, on a personal or organizational level.

Konsilo wants to be known as a respectable and reliable gateway to the realization of large and small projects.

To achieve that, Konsilo offers consultancy, trainings, and writing and editorial work. We put it into practice, we teach it, we write about it.


Konsilo is at all times and for all its partners a respectful and reliable partner.

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  • To customers Konsilo is a listening partner who thinks along and builds on the existing strength of the customer. Konsilo is the “affordable alternative” within the consultancy and training market.

  • Konsilo welcomes partnerships to create and develop together. As peers and with mutual respect. Being part of “learning networks” that create major projects based on the synergy between them. Feeling comfortable before as well as behind the scenes.


Sustainability is becoming the central theme of the economic development in the coming decades. Konsilo wishes to take active part in that. In the first place by building lasting relationships with customers, subcontractors and partners:

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  • Konsilo means “advice” in Esperanto. Just like Esperanto, Konsilo wishes to connect. Connect customers, suppliers and partners. Connect processes. Put bits of the puzzle together to make a complete picture.

  • Well-being at work: work should be fun. Every project, every cooperation should be an enrichment, in every case for the customer, but also for Konsilo and its subcontractors or partners.

  • A down-to-earth approach. Lean “as water”. Processes, work methods and communication lines are short, fast and flexible.

  • Cost-conscious. Our customers and their expectations occupy center stage. Overhead and general operational costs are kept low in order to remain the “affordable alternative” and to allow for maximum flexibility.

  • Konsilo’s ecological footprint is low, and we would like to keep it that way in the future. Travelling and material consumption are kept to the bare minimum.

    These values should result in customers who are able to stand on their own feet. Trajectories are not drawn out longer than necessary and are intended to allow the customer to continue on his own. With knowledge, skills and confidence.

This way, we make Konsilo a place where you can feel confident and at ease. Or, in short: chezKonsilo.